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Do We Think Alike?

First off, let me say that whatever content (photos, video clips, etc.) accessible without registering, with registering and not contributing/sharing to become a private member, is “entertainment” uploads… like peanuts at the open bar of the club. The real hearty food is in the exclusive membership rooms available only to those who join the membership. Keep that in mind…

I have always had a penchant for journaling since I was a teen. I wasn’t always dedicated to it, and many gaps have gone unfilled over the years. Then when the worldwide web came along and blogs, which are nothing more than tools for online journals if you will, I started transcribing the paper notes into electronic ones.

Break out the naughty, kinky, erotic notes and journal entries from the mundane day-to-day “this is what I did today” ones, and hmmm I tend to like that different mindset. Then, being from Guam, both myself and my wife, ooh something new to the erotic psyche came about. Oh fuck, come on, we all know everybody screws everybody on the island. It’s “common knowledge” as to who is doing whom. It’s just a matter of failed attempts at secrecy and people not talking about it. Monday thru Saturday they fuck around with other women’s husbands, other men’s wives, then on Sunday they pray for forgiveness at mass thinking it wipes their plate clean so they can start all over the following Monday. Fuck that. We do what we do.

We have never been a storybook/fairytale couple. I used to fuck around on her [ HIDDEN ] Soon after getting married, things happened, (found out she fucked around on me before getting married when we were supposed to be “engaged”) and we turned it into an erotic journey together… threesomes, me watching her screw another man, her letting me screw some of her old girlfriends from school days, etc.. She wanted to experience white cock, black cock, etc… okay moving on…

So now I put those erotic, kinky notes into my blog. Not for the world to see, but only those chosen few. The methodology on who is chosen? Those from the island who also have naughty marital and relationship experiences and who will share. Share stories. Share photos. Share videos. Share complete revelation of who they are in everyday life as I do. So when we happen to meet at a family party, the mall, Chamorro Village, a village fiesta, or wherever, we recognize each other, we greet each other, like friends do. The only difference being that we know each other’s secrets. And if our wives or husbands don’t know their secrets have been shared, we keep that to ourselves.

I guess the bottom line is:

I want to share marital erotic sexual secrets with a secret exchange world of others who will do the same. Photos and videos of wifey spread wide, opening her lips to the camera to let others see her in all her raw naughtiness. Videos I took of her in heat with other men enjoying her in bed. I want to share who we are, real life, ID verification removing all doubt. In return, I want the same from those who want to share. No sneak peeks, no nothing. Put up or shut up. Those who want to share at the most real level, take that step.

[ HIDDEN ]This is my Chamorrita wife screwing a black friend of ours

What? Oh, yeah:

  • I categorize blog posts (changing frequently too), as listed in the “Blog Posts” dropdown menu. Choose a category to check out entries. Posts from some of those categories show up and some don’t, depending on User Access (UA) level. To see/read the ones that don’t, hey, upgrade your UA level.
  • Again, not all is as they seem. UA levels separate what can be seen depending on assigned UA level. There are video clips embedded and more personal ties info described. It’s there, photos and all, at the right group level. Different UA levels. Login to see what the UA levels are, explained further in the User Access page.
  • Dates on posts are a chronological events marker in the timeline, reflecting original journal dates. Of course blogs weren’t around before the nineties. My transcribed notes/journals go farther back than that.