Me and Mine

About the author, about the owner, about the “sponsor”.  All that’s on my other site [ HIDDEN ] . Me, my other half, where we’re from, family, all that normal stuff. This blog is the branch off of the main journal and is more of an “under the radar” or “behind the scenes” thing, if you know what I mean. So if you must know who we are, go to the other place.

She’s my lifelong partner and confidant, my best of best friends. [ HIDDEN ] We share everything, secrets and adventures. Some of which most who never explore “outside the box” thinking can never relate to or understand. We have played in our marriage. Both together and alone. Posts tell the story as I journaled our naughty adventures, how we started, who we shared with. Well, okay I lied. We share almost everything. [ HIDDEN ]

Our story, [ HIDDEN ]. I make some of this PRIVATE since I don’t want anybody below Private Membership seeing who we are until they become PMs….