Adjusting Restrictions on Access Groups

Part of the renovation…

PRIVATE User Access Group will be for Private Membership.

SECRET User Access Group will be for those whom I share personal, private, and sensitive content with.

More often than not, is members become PRIVATE MEMBERS, I will share at the SECRET group level too.

There are some who were PRIVATE members on this site after sharing reasonably believable real island content. But… downgraded, sorry. Private Member group status must be full PRIVATE MEMBER revelation and joining us.

Remodeling of sorts

Methinks I’m going to change things up again and refocus efforts here since this is WP based and much more well supported and updated than the other projects… of which I’m struggling with to keep updated. So from a technical standpoint, using the “for better or for worse” slogan make WordPress the “better”, even though the comfort and content separation standpoint I grade as “worse”. ‘Coz no matter how it’s sliced, a blog format is a blog format. But… I’m tired of struggling to keep the platform updated.

So given that, I’m going to move shit around to give myself a sense of some separation of content… somehow. Ta ‘li’e fan….

Site doing something funky :: Shit!!

If anybody else has noticed, maneuvering around within the site has been slow and sluggish lately. Maybe the past 3-4 weeks. This is not good. The WordPress blog software has been known to be a memory hog too, and add-ons/plugins tend to make it run even more inefficiently from what I’ve been reading. Fuck this shit!!!

Every option I work towards always has its own set of issues. So I don’t know about this WP blog as the platform. Go back to the PHP-F effort, and wait for its updated version release (been waiting years already)? Stick to the stable running PHP-F version and put it behind an .htaccess wall to keep bad people away?

This sucks….