Site doing something funky :: Shit!!

If anybody else has noticed, maneuvering around within the site has been slow and sluggish lately. Maybe the past 3-4 weeks. This is not good. The WordPress blog software has been known to be a memory hog too, and add-ons/plugins tend to make it run even more inefficiently from what I’ve been reading. Fuck this shit!!!

Every option I work towards always has its own set of issues. So I don’t know about this WP blog as the platform. Go back to the PHP-F effort, and wait for its updated version release (been waiting years already)? Stick to the stable running PHP-F version and put it behind an .htaccess wall to keep bad people away?

This sucks….

Hello Everyone Newb here

HÃ¥fa adai!

New member here was in the IA website many moons ago, originally from Santa Barbara area of Dededo, having since moved stateside racking them years of military service under my stretching belt haha. Hope to be sharing some good content as soon as I got it 100% on how to 🙂