Island Women Drive Me Crazy

Hi all, I just stumbled upon this page. I’ve been on Guam for a couple years now and lucky enough to fall into a couple threesomes, on with my buddy and his girl and another with a married couple. My female friend is very bi-curious, but a little shy, but wants to try a threesome. Are there any other couples out there, or single women (not butch type) that would like to join us to show her the ropes? We’re both working professionals in pretty visible positions, attractive, fit, educated, and horny all the time. I’m a tall, well-endowed white guy, she’s a short asian girl that loves to fuck. I can’t post pics, we’re both married and have kids, but feel free to hit me up on:

kik: mountainbiker1980

IG: mountainbiker28

SC: ds6030

Sorry, not looking for single guys.

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Showing my appreciation is all! Friends for years, never imagined seeing her sexually and there’s something about seeing someone of normal everyday acquaintance privately full on sexual nude and nasty. It’s electrifying to have the knowledge of it and visuals and then interact again day to day. Thanks to my friend the husband!! This load in the vid would be for her if I had the chance to fuck her… 🙂