Secret Islanders

I know I ain’t the only person on this Earth who has secrets. Either personal ‘my’ secrets or that about or of others.

You know what I mean. Photos and/or videos shared with me by someone else about them or another someone in the very private, sensitive topic of sex, and sharing who that person is. But we can’t let that out in the open for all to see and know. Ahh a secret. A shared knowledge of “hey so and so is fucking so and so and he’s married, or she’s married, and oh that’s his wife, or that’s her husband”. Shared knowledge is the key. I want to know what secrets others bring to this table and I’ll share. Private UA.

And my category. My secret. My wife fucking a couple of her guy friends. I watch. I take pictures. I shoot video in the bedroom. I want select other people to know and see. But only if they play at the same level and reciprocate. Reciprocating as in sharing their private bedroom secrets in video and photos of themselves and their spouses. ‘Coz you know how it is coming from a small town, or in this case a small island, everybody knows everybody. And I don’t want everybody, or just anybody, to know who I and my wife are in the fucking others outside of our marriage scenario. The only ones I want to know about this are those who let me see and know how they do the same thing or at least take pictures of themselves and their spouses. Especially friends and acquaintances (even family I dare include) who have known us and have never known our secret side, so long as they reciprocate. So that we have a common understanding. Secret UA.

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