User Access (UA) Levels

User Access (UA) levels, UA groups, they’re the same thing. I go back and forth in what I call them. Again, same thing.

I share Private Thoughts. Private experiences. Very private photos and videos.  Understandably, sensitive topics like these should not be all out there for the world to see. At least not all. Hence the different User Access (UA) groups to restrict/hide stuff from the public, some from registered visitors, and some restricted to only a select few with whom I trust the content to.

  • SUBSCRIBER – Default group after registering.
  • MEMBER – Post some erotic/explicit photos, videos and stories so I know you’re not just a lurker in the shadows. Preferrably island themed, like no faces/anonymous but background or other cropping leans toward islander. I’ll add you to this group… so long as what you post isn’t useless and low to no quality junk. When I see your post(s), I’ll add you to this group. Or I won’t depending on what I see of your post.
  • PRIVATE – Post of you and yours. Real photos and videos. Explicit. Erotic. Revealing. No hiding. No soft/barely revealing content. Full revelation. Provide scanned photo ID to prove genuine and original. Make sure you post as Private entry. Don’t ask about this group if you have no plan to be real about it. Don’t waste my time! I share everything about myself and my wife (I don’t hide family life or anything) within this access level. Either you do the same or don’t bother.
  • SECRET – Reserved for restricting content to sharing between me and any select others who want to share but not with or not join the PM. Typically, PMs who share fairly regularly and not just post one-time static sets of photos/vids to join are in this one.
  • PERV – You must be PRIVATE or SECRET level to even ask about this one.

* For PRIVATE, SECRET, and PERV User Group/Access levels, you can also use Direct File upload.