Wifey loving black

My island Asian wife is so sexually energetic, but she hasn’t always been eager to show it. We were fairly traditional while in the islands (Kahului/Puunene homegrown girl). We moved to the northeast mainland and slowly but surely she warmed up to my encouragement to venture out sexually. I always used to tease her that there must not be much “variety” back home for her as she didn’t have much broad experience in bed. Whew after about 5 years in the northeast she was soon game for swing clubs to find other couples, and I liked watching her perform with another man. Then the interracial black thing came up and she was eager. The rest they say, is history.


First experience


My turn to share. I am [ HIDDEN ] originally from Yigo, in AF now.  My wife is the former Marceline [ HIDDEN ] from Tamuning. Short and sweet, we learned a few things while we were in the states and overseas, learned some things about our relationship and how we grew up so constrained by culture, family and social norms of Guam. If you know what I mean. Now we’re assigned on the island and getting our groove on is so difficult LOL but we are trying while keeping it under wraps.

It is so good and a relief to see that others here step out of the norm too and do what we do. God to share secrets with some relatives and high school friends, it’s such a rush!

Here is one sampling of our experiences and adventure. And this is right here on the island…

Hotwifing pic

I was cruising the boards and came across this, screech, had to back up and pull this down. Mainly to put up on here ‘coz I know certain parties on here do the black-cock-for-wife-while-watching thing.

Have you gone this far to do this? Do tell. Come on umbre 🙂 So be honest who has done this, licked up your woman’s pussy dripping with her fuck juices with another man. Who has eaten their woman’s fuck friend or lover’s cum out of her filled pussy?

Island girls, do you let your other sex partner cum in your pussy? Does husband/bf enjoy it? I know some Chamorritas who will admit they love that big black cock.

Off the web, but the thought….

.. of someone’s wife being shared by husband with a black friend, for purpose of pleasuring the wife with big black cock. Makes me reminisce of [ HIDDEN ] and the times they shared on our bed with me watching, sometimes joining in, but oh loving to hear and see her enjoy his cock to no end. Hard pounding her on her back, doggy style raw humping, her taking his full length up her ass, slow and loving gyrating missionary position while they lock in deep kisses, listening to her cum multiple times, hearing him grunt and stroke deep when he cums and seeing her grab his ass to pull him in deep to get all of his load. And like one of the pics here… her cunt grabbing onto his cock as he outstrokes, revealing how tight her cunt is around his shaft.