Where are the kinky married couples

Yes I know many couples play with their camera phone, many more than will admit it. Natural curiosity with such a convenient picture and video device, to see how you would look on video fucking, or wife sucking you. And turn on to see your wife’s raw nude body as if a porno film.  It’s all over the web, amateurs. Many made anonymous with face fuzzing out and blocking, others not afraid and put it all out there.

The island borne true amateur is harder to find. And not to be found out in the open internet. We have closed/secret circles where we share, we enjoy each other’s private experiment videos and pictures. The sharing has to be reciprocal, that is the rule.

Wifey loving black

My island Asian wife is so sexually energetic, but she hasn’t always been eager to show it. We were fairly traditional while in the islands (Kahului/Puunene homegrown girl). We moved to the northeast mainland and slowly but surely she warmed up to my encouragement to venture out sexually. I always used to tease her that there must not be much “variety” back home for her as she didn’t have much broad experience in bed. Whew after about 5 years in the northeast she was soon game for swing clubs to find other couples, and I liked watching her perform with another man. Then the interracial black thing came up and she was eager. The rest they say, is history.