Wives have slutty fantasies

Wives are raised and taught to be proper, good girls, good wives. It’s part of the culture. Yet adultery abounds. It happens. Nobody wants to talk about their wives being hot for dick and restless with being restricted to only one (hubby’s), and many take the opportunity to experience others. Men, not to be made out as innocent in thought and deed, do the same. By nature it’s a man thing to conquor new pussy when and where possible, and society has stifled that to the extent that it can. Men have continued to do it tho… with women lagging behind in their experiences. But no doubt it happens.

Many couples split when the wife is found to have been spreading her legs for another. Many do not. Is that a sign of forgiveness, acceptance, understanding that women love cock as much as men love pussy? How many take that next step, then, and translate that into total acceptance and want inclusion… meaning they want to turn it into watching, waiting for wifey to come home after an evening getting screwed by someone else, or even going into threesomes? We won’t know, will we… because couples don’t make it public knowledge as to what they do when they venture off the traditional sexual path. But trust me, many do venture.

threesome photo

threesome photo

threesome photo

So, hey, look lovingly at your wife. Then imagine her with (insert a friend’s name here)’s cock in her mouth, sucking succulently, licking his shaft and his balls. Imagine her, as you look at her, with her legs wide open and instead of you between them, your friend is grinding into her… the look on her face being one of sheer pleasure. Imagine her in the pictures above. Would you let a friend do her? Would you let her if she promised to coerce a female friend of hers to spread for you?

Pure fantasy, huh? Some of us live it… and love it.

Discussions about the secret level sharing

It made me think about how to word, how to describe my viewpoint about the conditions and criteria of the site. I’d always for some reason described it from a “what needs to be done or criteria to be met” when discussing some registered users’ questions. I don’t know, do I ramble around the main points to where it becomes less clear? Sometimes I feel that way.

So I thought, what is it, to the point, that I want from continuing on with the new site that made me want to reshape it and move away from the larger anonymous and “no consequence” free for all naughty pic posting area of IA?

With the old vested and naughty islanders concept, users were invited to post entertaining pics…. pics of anybody, any women, off the web, their gf/wife, or for the women, their bf/husbands or other pics, as long as they lent to the theme of island naughty. A lot of the pics are hot yes, but “distant”. No potential real life connection, be it intentional or by chance. And, as those who were on the IA site version where we had the CMS system, it allowed enough anonymity among registered users that troublemakers registered, thought they recognized some people’s pics, and started causing hate and discontent, spreading ‘secrets’ to supposed family and relatives of people who posted pics of themselves or their other. Not good. not good at all.

So that’s one reason I didn’t like this anonymous game playing, however real and island based the pics seem to be.

If I share my private page, my private pics of myself and wifey (and others we’ve played with) with the wrong people, there are definite consequences. What is the saying, loose lips sink ships? You get the picture. And that is more probable when those whom I share with do not reciprocate and share in kind. They risk no consequences.

The down low. I have on my private page photos and video of myself and my wife, full on revealing. I make reference to my FB page so you can see for yourself that we’re real by seeing our ‘real life’ photos and you can see the faces match against our fuck pics. Our names match. If we have enough in common, you might actually know us. I expect that in return and no less. It’s really that simple. And the reciprocation has to be of you, the registered member, AND your other half… not just your other half. Full and complete mutual vulnerability. And mild R-rated posing of pubes showing won’t cut it.

It’s not for everyone, I know. If not for you, I understand. Believe me I do. No compromises on my side to let anyone in with any less.

To use very adult language, I get off knowing others see and are aroused by pics of my wife showing her open pussy, sucking cock, getting humped, hearing her cum on video. Pics of me watching another guy rock her world while I jerk off. I want reciprocation at that level.

(bumped from 2013)