Friends sharing wife pics

From a friend of mine, [ HIDDEN ] when we were young dumb and full of cum, sharing pics of his wifey. Of course, I shared of mine too…

Hey bro what up!! Linda looks so erotic, I have always fantasized about seeing her nude but wow. We should have shared secrets before going separate assignments man, I sure would have loved to swap wives for a night or two!! 🙂 Anyway all I could get out of Julie were these masturbation moments… for now.

Island threesomes

Rocky Mountain islanders enjoying each other…

Ever been in one? Were you the third person enjoying a couple? Maybe the husband sharing your wife with another man? Wife letting husband enjoy your girlfriend? How many ways are there to get totally nasty in private?

Looking for those who know how to have intimate and nasty fun in their marriage or relationship to get on the site and share with us.