Hello from private membership!

This is us, in private membership couple, looking forward to others who check the site out to join us. That’s the only way to get to know others like us in REAL TIME!

Come over to the Private Member side to see the face and proof!

I invite you to come over to the Private Member side to experience the real reason why we are there!
Private Member side meaning SECRET user access group…

Wife’s private video on the web?

Thinking out loud is what this is I guess. Just putting it out there. The past [ HIDDEN ] or so have shown that there are couples out there who travel this same road. Many more who think they do but are afraid to. And much more than that who just pretend to.

I always have this itch to “share” some down and dirty secrets on the web. But, the reality is, can’t do that! Not with social and professional, as well as family, consequences at stake. Under special circumstances… sharing is the order of the day tho.

It turns me on to think of others seeing wifey totally nude, totally hot and horny, spreading her legs and showing off her pussy, rubbing her clit, spreading her lips with her fingers to reveal to the camera her pink hole. Telling me her name (to identify her) and what she likes in bed. I pan back so the cropping shows her wide open cunt and her face so there’s no mistake, if someone knows her, that it is her… and her revealing pose.

I do want people to know who we are, who my horny wife is. I want men to see her cunt, see her spread her thighs as if to offer them her pussy. I like to hear/read of guys who her hard-ons looking at her, lusting for her sex, wanting to mount her. and some… have mounted her. Maybe those men’s wives, or other women, would see wifey’s videos and feel the same way, wanting to show their horniness and lustful side, acknowledging that wifey is a naughty slutwife.

Ideally, those who see her wold be islanders like us, from Guam specifically, and possibly know us. There the appreciation for the sexual naughtiness is complete… when the select few who have known us, known her, finally see and experience and share our secret side.

That select few… are the ones who first take the step and share the same with me. I want to see their wives on video spreading their thighs and showing their hot wet open cunts, their faces clearly recognizable so I know it’s really them. Hubby sporting hard-on and maybe selfie video of them fucking, sucking, etc..

Then our friendship moves to that next level.


Island culture thoughts

You hesitate to do what pleases you because you’re looked upon and “judged” by everyone around you. Everyone’s into your business because the family and community ties are so closely and tightly woven into the very fabric of your life. The culture is such that the social norms are dictated to you as how you should act, feel and be. Kinda claustrophobic, huh?
Now envision your adult life, your relationships, your sexual appetite. You gotta be conventional, right? Or you’re supposed to and are very much expected to be in the public eye. Does your lust wander from your spouse/partner just for the sake of some kinky sex? Maybe you and your partner ever so secretly lust for some extracurricular fun. You swap partners on the sly, your partner and you enjoy threesomes, or you like watching. Maybe you wonder if you’re the only ones who think and feel like this? Nah, you know others on the island do the same thing. But how do you know? How do you know who they are? Maybe if you could somehow find a way to get into the secret circle of the “underground” couples who get into alternative sex, life could be more exciting. But you don’t know how to, because the swapping and contact parties go on so deeply protected from public view that it’s like a world that secretly exists within the one you see.
Then there are even more people who don’t live that life but might as well. You know those types, the ones who cheat openly, who let it go when their partners cheat, the ones who have “outside” kids and the like. But yet when approached with the subject of sharing, casual sex in the context of swapping, they totally freak out.

Now… the question here is, what are YOU going to do about your fun? Hmmm?

Just Do It!!!

Okay so you’ve arrived, you’re here. The question is, why are you here? What is your purpose? Do you identify with our adult, island based theme or are you simply wandering? Are you interested in experiencing or sharing your experiences, or are you curious? Read on… and think about some things as you visit.

You came here for a reason. What is that reason? To browse and view other members’ real sex photos while not sharing your own? This is the wrong place for you if that’s your intent. And I do not hesitate to tell you to go somewhere else! Be real. That’s what we ask and expect, no, demand, of our registered members. If you plan to stick around and not be deleted that is.

There are many destinations on the web to find adult, sex, porn, anonymous erotica totally unrelated to our island origins. I got tired of that a long time ago. I want adult erotica that I can relate to on a personal, real level. I also got interested in sharing when wifey and I began experimenting in our marital sexual life and started having sexual experiences with others… at first on our own, and then together… and when I finally started watching her fucking another man, that was the ultimate! Soon I took some pictures, then shot a video… meant for only me of course, but you can’t keep that kind of secret only to yourself… otherwise does it really exist?

And in all of this, I know I am not the only one who has taken pictures of my horny and slutty wife while she is in the act of sexual pleasure. I know that more couples capture their erotic sex lives on camera than will admit. Those are the people whose membership here I am interested in. But only if you’re for real and will be who you are in sharing, and not one of the many scared paranoid ones who refuse to show who they are in the photos or prove who they are.

Pictures of my friend’s mother!!!

True story share. My former classmate and friend Elisa had problems with her computer, so I offered to take a look at it. While doing that I took the freedom to look around her hard drive. I found pics of her mother in the cache!! And oh shit what she was doing!!! I don’t know if Elisa knows either since it was in cache and not saved somewhere easy to find. I wonder if she is as hot to trot as her mother… got to find a way to find that out 🙂