Island culture thoughts

You hesitate to do what pleases you because you’re looked upon and “judged” by everyone around you. Everyone’s into your business because the family and community ties are so closely and tightly woven into the very fabric of your life. The culture is such that the social norms are dictated to you as how you should act, feel and be. Kinda claustrophobic, huh?
Now envision your adult life, your relationships, your sexual appetite. You gotta be conventional, right? Or you’re supposed to and are very much expected to be in the public eye. Does your lust wander from your spouse/partner just for the sake of some kinky sex? Maybe you and your partner ever so secretly lust for some extracurricular fun. You swap partners on the sly, your partner and you enjoy threesomes, or you like watching. Maybe you wonder if you’re the only ones who think and feel like this? Nah, you know others on the island do the same thing. But how do you know? How do you know who they are? Maybe if you could somehow find a way to get into the secret circle of the “underground” couples who get into alternative sex, life could be more exciting. But you don’t know how to, because the swapping and contact parties go on so deeply protected from public view that it’s like a world that secretly exists within the one you see.
Then there are even more people who don’t live that life but might as well. You know those types, the ones who cheat openly, who let it go when their partners cheat, the ones who have “outside” kids and the like. But yet when approached with the subject of sharing, casual sex in the context of swapping, they totally freak out.

Now… the question here is, what are YOU going to do about your fun? Hmmm?

Getting it where you can

Sometimes you gotta go for it when the opportunity strikes, right? Or what is that Viagra commercial about when the time is right you need to be ready. I thought this was crazy, but awesome at the same time. Guys will typically get some wherever and whenever the opportunity presents itself. I’m not so sure about this woman willing to get fucked in plain public view. But hey, who am I to scoff at them… Wifey and I have done it in some public places ourselves, albeit when we were young… like in the bed of my truck on a high hill at what was then called Base 18 (Cross Island Road, Windward Hills) and a helo flew by… we were in plain view….

Secret Among Friends

So… now, having said that UAMPPE is dead and I have to go back to the basics, now more pondering. If posts and categories are completely restricted, they become unseen. Those who may otherwise be interested in confidential sharing won’t know it’s there. Then what??? I want to leave visible hints about my more racy, personal, posts about my secrets [ HIDDEN ].. sex stuff.

Damn I’d like a invite a select few others to know our secrets. Share photos and videos for others to see and know what my wife looks like nude, spreading her legs to show her wet pussy, videos of her humping and getting her cunt filled with cock. And those others to know who she is in real life, who we are in real life. and in sharing, it’s that share and share alike thing. I want to see photos and videos of other couples, revealing wives who also pose like sluts for the camera. See and hear what they look and sound like when they’re getting stroked deep, cumming. and knowing who they are in real life.

But not for the worldwide select audience. There needs to be a connection to home, to a common cultural origin… there’s enough references to that origin in my posts. Acquaintances. Friends maybe. Relatives, ‘coz it would be awesome to know who is also naughty in the family. Yeah I’m dreaming. Still… I put it out there.

Hmmm… how to approach this….

Keeper video ~ Danielle

This was posted on some well known porn sites. This clip is one of the few long versions. Some porn sites list her in the Asian section, some call her Hawaiian. Bast de malana umbre, this is Danielle Cepeda… a real Guam girl, family hailing from Barrigada. And… for any doubts… check her neck/chest tattoo, it’s hard to hide or miss in comparing with her photos on her Facebook page (you gotta search for her, she keeps changing it).
[ HIDDEN ] Note that this is an almost 45 minute video!

How often does sex cross your mind

I mean in the course of a regular day how often? Who crosses your mind that way?

Maybe it is because I’m away from home and the norms of island living and its family obligations don’t take up my entire calendar and there is time for idle thoughts. But I think about it a lot.

Sometimes it is about nobody in particular. Sometimes it is about guys I have known and had relationships with. Sometimes it’s about guys who I would never approach about sex in real life!!! LOL

Group therapy time!