Erotic escapes

My secret, private reserve. My getaway form the day’s reality. A place to unwind while enjoying erotic thoughts, images, videos of my fellow Pacific Islanders. We all know how fiercely secretive we are about our sexual experiences and liaisons, especially when the intent is to be undercover because we’re not supposed to be getting it from someone other than… well, you know. And then when we step away from traditional relationship boundaries, as in, say, experimenting with threesomes, foursomes or moresomes, wifesharing… oh it’s all a hush hush affair.

Most will even deny doing anything out of the ordinary if asked by someone not in their “circle of trust”. So we build a close circle of trust then. Me, I do that by sharing only with those who share with me in much the same way, sharing the same things, and sharing the same erotic mindset. Photos, REAL photos, videos, experiences, fantasies, and possibly, sometimes, other in-person sharing. With no barriers as to who we and our other halves are. Whether the other halves know it or not. A mutually agreed on secret. Mutual and reciprocal vulnerability is what I call it.

So, that said, yeah some get into it like I do. Some don’t. some think they do when they have no real life frame of reference (experience) to realize if they truly do or don’t. Yet others don’t get into it themselves but lurk around hoping they can catch something of others in the play. Then there are those who want to come out and be counted in privacy but are afraid of… well, exposure and revelation.

What we share is for us and us alone. I encourage you, if you’re a fellow islander, to join us. Become one of us. You know the sayings:

– You only live once
– Flaunt it while you have it
– You never know until you dare to try

Be REAL since You’ve Come Here

Time to be real since you’re here on the site, don’tcha think? Our theme, our intent, our goal on the site is obvious… and explicitly explained. And you came here. Now what? Are you going to show up at the front door of a private club only to stand in front of that door and not go in? You would?? WTF???

As I said… be real.

And in all of this, I know I am not the only one who has taken pictures of my horny and slutty wife while she is in the act of sexual pleasure. I know that more couples capture their erotic sex lives on camera than will admit. Those are the people whose membership here I am interested in. But only if you’re for real and will be who you are in sharing, and not one of the many scared paranoid ones who refuse to show who they are in the photos or prove who they are.

There are many destinations on the web to find adult, sex, porn, anonymous erotica totally unrelated to our island origins. I got tired of that a long time ago. I want adult erotica that I can relate to on a personal, real level. I also got interested in sharing when wifey and I began experimenting in our marital sexual life and started having sexual experiences with others… at first on our own, and then together… and when I finally started watching her fucking another man, that was the ultimate! Soon I took some pictures, then shot a video… meant for only me of course, but you can’t keep that kind of secret only to yourself… otherwise does it really exist?

You came here for a reason. What is that reason? To browse and view other members’ real sex photos while not sharing your own? This is the wrong place for you if that’s your intent. And I do not hesitate to tell you to go somewhere else! Be real. That’s what we ask and expect, no, demand, of our registered members. If you plan to stick around and not be deleted that is.

My wife Brianna

{I moved this from SECRET FRIENDS since it has not been validated with photo ID….}

This is us, [ HIDDEN ]).
I am originally from Barrigada. Bri’s family is from Mongmong.

My interest is to share our marital secrets with others from Guam hoping to connect to old friends who do the wife revealing thing and share and show us their taboo photos and videos.

It arouses me so much to think of letting guys and girls who know us in real life see what we do behind locked doors.

Friends, even family as long as they also wife share, do threesomes, things like that.

This clip is a teaser to invite friends to join us on here. No faces exposed until you guys join us!! Then you can see the full 44 minute video. Bri undresses and spreads her thighs while telling everybody who she is. The full fucking video with her and Mike. Then at the end Mike unmounts her and she keeps her legs spread to show Mike’s cum spilling out of her vagina while she again tells who she is and invites whoever enjoyed the video to contact me to arrange to fuck her if she connects with you.

Island culture thoughts

You hesitate to do what pleases you because you’re looked upon and “judged” by everyone around you. Everyone’s into your business because the family and community ties are so closely and tightly woven into the very fabric of your life. The culture is such that the social norms are dictated to you as how you should act, feel and be. Kinda claustrophobic, huh?
Now envision your adult life, your relationships, your sexual appetite. You gotta be conventional, right? Or you’re supposed to and are very much expected to be in the public eye. Does your lust wander from your spouse/partner just for the sake of some kinky sex? Maybe you and your partner ever so secretly lust for some extracurricular fun. You swap partners on the sly, your partner and you enjoy threesomes, or you like watching. Maybe you wonder if you’re the only ones who think and feel like this? Nah, you know others on the island do the same thing. But how do you know? How do you know who they are? Maybe if you could somehow find a way to get into the secret circle of the “underground” couples who get into alternative sex, life could be more exciting. But you don’t know how to, because the swapping and contact parties go on so deeply protected from public view that it’s like a world that secretly exists within the one you see.
Then there are even more people who don’t live that life but might as well. You know those types, the ones who cheat openly, who let it go when their partners cheat, the ones who have “outside” kids and the like. But yet when approached with the subject of sharing, casual sex in the context of swapping, they totally freak out.

Now… the question here is, what are YOU going to do about your fun? Hmmm?

Discussions about the secret level sharing

It made me think about how to word, how to describe my viewpoint about the conditions and criteria of the site. I’d always for some reason described it from a “what needs to be done or criteria to be met” when discussing some registered users’ questions. I don’t know, do I ramble around the main points to where it becomes less clear? Sometimes I feel that way.

So I thought, what is it, to the point, that I want from continuing on with the new site that made me want to reshape it and move away from the larger anonymous and “no consequence” free for all naughty pic posting area of IA?

With the old vested and naughty islanders concept, users were invited to post entertaining pics…. pics of anybody, any women, off the web, their gf/wife, or for the women, their bf/husbands or other pics, as long as they lent to the theme of island naughty. A lot of the pics are hot yes, but “distant”. No potential real life connection, be it intentional or by chance. And, as those who were on the IA site version where we had the CMS system, it allowed enough anonymity among registered users that troublemakers registered, thought they recognized some people’s pics, and started causing hate and discontent, spreading ‘secrets’ to supposed family and relatives of people who posted pics of themselves or their other. Not good. not good at all.

So that’s one reason I didn’t like this anonymous game playing, however real and island based the pics seem to be.

If I share my private page, my private pics of myself and wifey (and others we’ve played with) with the wrong people, there are definite consequences. What is the saying, loose lips sink ships? You get the picture. And that is more probable when those whom I share with do not reciprocate and share in kind. They risk no consequences.

The down low. I have on my private page photos and video of myself and my wife, full on revealing. I make reference to my FB page so you can see for yourself that we’re real by seeing our ‘real life’ photos and you can see the faces match against our fuck pics. Our names match. If we have enough in common, you might actually know us. I expect that in return and no less. It’s really that simple. And the reciprocation has to be of you, the registered member, AND your other half… not just your other half. Full and complete mutual vulnerability. And mild R-rated posing of pubes showing won’t cut it.

It’s not for everyone, I know. If not for you, I understand. Believe me I do. No compromises on my side to let anyone in with any less.

To use very adult language, I get off knowing others see and are aroused by pics of my wife showing her open pussy, sucking cock, getting humped, hearing her cum on video. Pics of me watching another guy rock her world while I jerk off. I want reciprocation at that level.

(bumped from 2013)

Learn to Share

Every now and then I surf the web just to browse certain topics to see what else is out there being discussed/shown, who else is doing what the wife and I have enjoyed doing. Most of the stuff out there feature people’s adventures, with the perspective usually being the husband’s… and along with it, the erotic and hyped side of the story.

It was refreshing, and very informative as well as interesting, to come across a blog about wife sharing from the shared wife’s viewpoint, and from an approach of how it is done at the ground level.

Secret Among Friends

So… now, having said that UAMPPE is dead and I have to go back to the basics, now more pondering. If posts and categories are completely restricted, they become unseen. Those who may otherwise be interested in confidential sharing won’t know it’s there. Then what??? I want to leave visible hints about my more racy, personal, posts about my secrets [ HIDDEN ].. sex stuff.

Damn I’d like a invite a select few others to know our secrets. Share photos and videos for others to see and know what my wife looks like nude, spreading her legs to show her wet pussy, videos of her humping and getting her cunt filled with cock. And those others to know who she is in real life, who we are in real life. and in sharing, it’s that share and share alike thing. I want to see photos and videos of other couples, revealing wives who also pose like sluts for the camera. See and hear what they look and sound like when they’re getting stroked deep, cumming. and knowing who they are in real life.

But not for the worldwide select audience. There needs to be a connection to home, to a common cultural origin… there’s enough references to that origin in my posts. Acquaintances. Friends maybe. Relatives, ‘coz it would be awesome to know who is also naughty in the family. Yeah I’m dreaming. Still… I put it out there.

Hmmm… how to approach this….

Hotwifing pic

I was cruising the boards and came across this, screech, had to back up and pull this down. Mainly to put up on here ‘coz I know certain parties on here do the black-cock-for-wife-while-watching thing.

Have you gone this far to do this? Do tell. Come on umbre 🙂 So be honest who has done this, licked up your woman’s pussy dripping with her fuck juices with another man. Who has eaten their woman’s fuck friend or lover’s cum out of her filled pussy?

Island girls, do you let your other sex partner cum in your pussy? Does husband/bf enjoy it? I know some Chamorritas who will admit they love that big black cock.