Is Wifey Unfair

Question posed. Is she unfair to be like this?

My wife and I are from Guam. We have been married for over 20 years, and together as a couple since we were barely teenagers. Starting out that young as a couple, there were infidelities on my part in high school. Then in a couple of years’ span that we were apart because I enlisted in the military and we “promised” to each other, she engaged in infidelities too. We married and a few years in, I discovered her discreet adventures with other men. Working thru it we actually accepted out sexual curiosities and had our few approved separate liaisons with other partners. I have never been a womanizer and had a few. My wife had a few also. We also delved into threesomes and me watching her perform with other men, well, two other. One of them became close to our family and became sort of her boyfriend for over two years.

That’s fine, he moved away and our life went back to the traditional as we got older. However, I wanted to continue sexual adventures involving her and other men with me watching. She called it a day and wanted no more of it. I have come to resent the idea, or fact as it may, that in our three-way adventures she fully accepted and enjoyed the experiences with her having chosen the men she enjoyed it with… and now she calls the shots on us not doing it anymore. I feel as if she enjoyed her sexual experiences when, where, how, and with whom she enjoyed, and I now have no say in how our marital sex life evolves. I’m not done. Or at least I don’t want to be done.

I’m not interested in my own adventures bedding other women. My sexual arousal centers around her, my wife. I’ve come to a point of wanting to share the small collection of erotic sexual photos and videos we have made with select others to “extend” the adventure if only for me.

Some people may scoff at this as being small business but to me it’s unfair. It’s like she was at one time game and eager, and then on her own timetable it’s as if she turns off the water when she’s done and I’m left thirsting.


Want to reveal my island wife

One of my wildest erotic thoughts is to reveal my Chamorrita wife to other select, few Chamorro guys… friends, men who know my wife and me. To reveal her sexually and erotically. Thoughts of maybe guys who have known us since we were in school and who woould never imagine my wife to be the type to spread her legs for the camera, to screw other men… longtime male friends who might have had sexual thoughts about her in passing back in the day but never imagined they’d be looking at her with thighs wide pen, her spreading he cunt lips open with her fingers to show them her cunt hole. And for me, her husband, to let her do it… masturbating while they look at my slutwife.

And then those chosen friends would mount her, penetrate her, and have her welcome them into her wet and hot pussy as I tell he I want it to go around in the small circle of friends that my wife loves sucking cock, takes it anally, and loves riding cock… so that more of our old male friends want to check her out themselves… and before long, all my friends have fucked her.

And then word get to all the women/girls of our high school friends that she is the slut of the group.

Others’ wives – the thought

Private thoughts here. I know I’ve watched my wife do nasty things with other guys. She’s posed for my camera and done photos and videos, spreading her legs to let me take pics and videos of her sluttiness. Videos and pics of her actively fucking [ HIDDEN ] and [ HIDDEN ].

I’ve shared these stories and discussions about my enjoying sharing her with other men, with guys who get totally aroused by it… wanting to see pics and videos of [ HIDDEN ]. I tell them I’m so willing to share who we are, who she is, and love the idea that we could cross paths at the mall or some social event and they’d know, while talking to [ HIDDEN ], what she’s like when spread and welcoming cock.

They turn a different way when I say they need to share the same about themselves and their wives because I want to know who their wives are, what they look like nude and exposing their inner thighs, etc.. Why the fuck is it guys like enjoying other wives’ exposures but not want to share exposures of their wives… hypocritical I would say.

So for guys, I guess this pic, if they imagined it was their wife, would totally freak out if other men saw it? Come on, let’s be real here.

More so, they’d freak out if they found a pic like this of their wives on a blog like mine, wondering who took the pic and who their wife was willing to show her pink gash to… and if she fucked the photographer (what are those odds!!!).