In a motel room

Another non-theme-conforming video but it’s for the message and the invitation. Guys if your getting into watching then your fantasizing about your wife fucking black. Share and I’ll share videos of my island girl screwing her brains out with black friends.

She does it like this wife in the video… with two different friends. and I love to watch!

My wife Brianna

{I moved this from SECRET FRIENDS since it has not been validated with photo ID….}

This is us, [ HIDDEN ]).
I am originally from Barrigada. Bri’s family is from Mongmong.

My interest is to share our marital secrets with others from Guam hoping to connect to old friends who do the wife revealing thing and share and show us their taboo photos and videos.

It arouses me so much to think of letting guys and girls who know us in real life see what we do behind locked doors.

Friends, even family as long as they also wife share, do threesomes, things like that.

This clip is a teaser to invite friends to join us on here. No faces exposed until you guys join us!! Then you can see the full 44 minute video. Bri undresses and spreads her thighs while telling everybody who she is. The full fucking video with her and Mike. Then at the end Mike unmounts her and she keeps her legs spread to show Mike’s cum spilling out of her vagina while she again tells who she is and invites whoever enjoyed the video to contact me to arrange to fuck her if she connects with you.

Wife’s private video on the web?

Thinking out loud is what this is I guess. Just putting it out there. The past [ HIDDEN ] or so have shown that there are couples out there who travel this same road. Many more who think they do but are afraid to. And much more than that who just pretend to.

I always have this itch to “share” some down and dirty secrets on the web. But, the reality is, can’t do that! Not with social and professional, as well as family, consequences at stake. Under special circumstances… sharing is the order of the day tho.

It turns me on to think of others seeing wifey totally nude, totally hot and horny, spreading her legs and showing off her pussy, rubbing her clit, spreading her lips with her fingers to reveal to the camera her pink hole. Telling me her name (to identify her) and what she likes in bed. I pan back so the cropping shows her wide open cunt and her face so there’s no mistake, if someone knows her, that it is her… and her revealing pose.

I do want people to know who we are, who my horny wife is. I want men to see her cunt, see her spread her thighs as if to offer them her pussy. I like to hear/read of guys who her hard-ons looking at her, lusting for her sex, wanting to mount her. and some… have mounted her. Maybe those men’s wives, or other women, would see wifey’s videos and feel the same way, wanting to show their horniness and lustful side, acknowledging that wifey is a naughty slutwife.

Ideally, those who see her wold be islanders like us, from Guam specifically, and possibly know us. There the appreciation for the sexual naughtiness is complete… when the select few who have known us, known her, finally see and experience and share our secret side.

That select few… are the ones who first take the step and share the same with me. I want to see their wives on video spreading their thighs and showing their hot wet open cunts, their faces clearly recognizable so I know it’s really them. Hubby sporting hard-on and maybe selfie video of them fucking, sucking, etc..

Then our friendship moves to that next level.


First experience


My turn to share. I am [ HIDDEN ] originally from Yigo, in AF now.  My wife is the former Marceline [ HIDDEN ] from Tamuning. Short and sweet, we learned a few things while we were in the states and overseas, learned some things about our relationship and how we grew up so constrained by culture, family and social norms of Guam. If you know what I mean. Now we’re assigned on the island and getting our groove on is so difficult LOL but we are trying while keeping it under wraps.

It is so good and a relief to see that others here step out of the norm too and do what we do. God to share secrets with some relatives and high school friends, it’s such a rush!

Here is one sampling of our experiences and adventure. And this is right here on the island…

Friends sharing wife pics

From a friend of mine, [ HIDDEN ] when we were young dumb and full of cum, sharing pics of his wifey. Of course, I shared of mine too…

Hey bro what up!! Linda looks so erotic, I have always fantasized about seeing her nude but wow. We should have shared secrets before going separate assignments man, I sure would have loved to swap wives for a night or two!! 🙂 Anyway all I could get out of Julie were these masturbation moments… for now.