Site doing something funky :: Shit!!

If anybody else has noticed, maneuvering around within the site has been slow and sluggish lately. Maybe the past 3-4 weeks. This is not good. The WordPress blog software has been known to be a memory hog too, and add-ons/plugins tend to make it run even more inefficiently from what I’ve been reading. Fuck this shit!!!

Every option I work towards always has its own set of issues. So I don’t know about this WP blog as the platform. Go back to the PHP-F effort, and wait for its updated version release (been waiting years already)? Stick to the stable running PHP-F version and put it behind an .htaccess wall to keep bad people away?

This sucks….

So now back and forth about which WP installation…

I’m not sure if these are signs telling me to just dump this site endeavor or something… so soon after deciding, or at least frustratingly lashing out saying I was done with PHP-Fusion and WP is the route I’m taking, I began to migrate this blog install to the old (AG) WordPress install which I had left unused after moving back to PHP-Fusion.

Fine. I did the data export from myprivatethoughts (MPT), and then did the import on the other, and began customizing the imported data to fit the security/restrictions shortcodes of the AG site and all that. Ran into some problems with some of the shortcode that needed to be tweaked, blah blah blah. That’s all expected.

Then I go to the media library and files in the library won’t display in grid mode. They will in list mode, but WTF about grid mode which is what a lot of plugins and other internal workings depend on. It was working, I want to say, prior to the blog data merge from MPT to AG. Now it isn’t. Grid mode works just fine on the MPT blog. Just what I fucking need is another headache to try to figure out amidst all the other shit to do, tweak, correct.

I google the problem to try to find answers and solutions to what I had hoped was a simple problem and simple fix. Seems other people have had this problem and the fixes, of various approaches on various sites, all look complicated and trial and error to determine and resolve. I don’t have the mental patience to try to follow all that.

Fuck it. MPT blog will be the migration destination site. I’ll go hand jam one entry at a time moving of blog posts from the AG to MPT; no import and export shit again. Then, once both the AG blog and PHP-Fusion sites have been dried up and data moved over to MPT, I’ll point the AG domain to redirect to MPT.

Done with PHP-Fusion

The towel is in the ring. I threw it in last night. PHP-Fusion v9 has great potential if they’d just finish it and polish it and work out all its shortcomings. and I know they will. Whoever has taken over from Nick Jones (RIP) and now spearheads this PHP-F product is doing an awesome job of it. It’s just too slow of an agenda for me for the core product, let alone all the infusions that I use and will need that the individual authors of each would then need to follow suit and upgrade versions to stay compatible. And to that end, I think a considerable many of those authors have left the PHP-F platform altogether. My suspicion is the wait factor too.

So. Back to WordPress for the aguaguat site. This time, a final move, no more back and forth. We’ve gone PHP-Fusion -> WordPress -> PHPBB -> WordPress -> PHP-Fusion already.

I want (1) a blog feature, (2) photo and video gallery type handling, (3) a content management system (CMS) with clean lines so that the photos can be separated from the blog, the media can be sorted as galleries instead of chronological posting order and buried in timelines, (4) general purpose file storage and retrieval.

PHP-Fusion does everything except the blog in a decent, versatile, feature rich fashion. I was able to live with that. I can’t wait for the slow development. The blog part is a very important feature so I don’t have to maintain one blog site and one CMS site.

WordPress it is. Slow move back tho… I have to merge two WP site plus migrate the PHP-Fusion site content back into the merged WP site. That merged site will be this one, and the domain will redirect here…

PHP-Fusion <-> WordPress

The myprivatethoughts (MPT) blog is obviously running WordPress and I toy with other themes and plugins all the time. It is updated, running smoothly, no issues as far as WordPress blogs go.

The issue is PHP-Fusion. I’ve loved it as a CMS since what, ’04 or so? The problem with it is its support and development base. It’s not mainstream, so support for plugin (infusion) development and support is relatively small, weak, and more often than not shortlived by authors. The core PHP-Fusion package suffers similar issues…. it’s been YEARS since v9 was announced as in development, and still no final official release.

I’ve got v9 running. I’m seeing issues. The new blog feature in it is very, very rudimentary. I think I can live with it. But already…. no build-in core video gallery, and the v7 video gallery infusion is incompatible. Custom page creation in v9 is different from v7 in that I evidently can’t just drop HTML code into the page, particularly tables. I took  table with data in it from my v7 site and dropped it in v9, and it freaks out or something. I can’t see the table or its data when I save or preview it…. oh it’s there, I didn’t see it… because the table is like a whole page down scroll from the top. Why I have no idea. There’s bbcode in the custom page creation menu to create tables but… why do I need to rebuild tables? Plus the bbcode table creation option is so barebones. I can create more feature rich tables by hand if I could only do that in a text editor and then copy/paste it into the custom page.

Testing, posting, debating will go on for a little while. But… my patience is running out…